Beniya Hasegawa’s Soybeans (Eastern Hokkaido)

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2020 April 11th, Today Good Eating interviewed with “Beniya Hasegawa Shop”, traditional beans whole seller in Eastern Hokkaido, Japan.

The owner Ms. HASEGAWA Kiyomi is a connector between small scaled farmers who produce historical Hokkaido beans and the buyers who are looking for the quality beans over the world.

Not only as a wholesales business, HASEGAWA opens the workshop to deliver the traditional beans to various places in the world.

Since long time ago until 80’, Eastern Hokkaido area had been the production base of mints.

According to the decreased demands for the mint products, some farmers have switched their farming to the production of beans.

HASEGAWA’s business activity started up with her passion to deliver the qualified deliciousness of local traditional beans from Hokkaido, against the market trend of large mass production of genetic improved beans for the commercial purposes.

“Protecting the diversity of the food is so important”, says HASEGAWA.

However, the food business and the market require mass production of soy beans.

Under such contradiction, taking the balance between small scaled production items and commercial items, can be always a challenge to everyone in the Food distribution industry.

HASEGAWA’s headquarter is located in Engaru city in Eastern Hokkaido, where small scaled  farmers are producing traditional beans.

But her sales work shop can be found in Yokohama, close to Tokyo.


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