Learn from “TOKACHI Blue”, we’re what we eat!

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Today Good Eating interviewed with “TOKACHI Blue”, recently most featured restaurant in Obihiro city, Hokkaido Japan.

TOKACHI is the name of farming area in Hokkaido, where Obihiro city is located.

The owner Mrs. Tomoe TAKIYA, an expert food nutrition adviser, offers the great menu selections, which are highly considerate on materials quality, natural and local products, and the way of cooking is much creative ever than what you can find elsewhere!

Right in black vest: Mrs. Tomoe TAKIYA (the owner) together with her business partners

TAKIYA has opened the restaurant on May 2019, with her dream like food concept of being healthiest and most creative (and yummiest!) in Obihiro city, where most of diners are demanding food lovers knowing the real good materials from the farm directly.

Obihiro city is known to have high purchase power.

Many land owners operate huge volume of farming business, that supply various grains and vegetables over Japan. Therefore majority of the Obihiro citizens are very wealthy!

TAKIYA’s main concept is to offer “Low-sugar”, “Vegan (Vegetarian)”, and “Gluten free” choices with selective raw materials.

Colorful presentations all come from chemical free natural vegetables.

All materials are mostly harvested in TOKACHI farms, or elsewhere in HOKKAIDO only.

Many fans order the Galette, French salty pancake, cooked with high skills by the chef.

The well-balanced nutrition is so important to keep our body healthy, says TAKIYA.

“Low-sugar” and “High-nutrition” foods can work well to make our body healthier really!

“My husband had once recovered from Diabetes, High blood pressure and Apnea syndrome, since the food habit had changed”, said TAKIYA.

Vegetable cake is another signature item of TOKACHI Blue, which has a fancy presentation, great for your desserts!

Another fun project that TAKIYA works recently is “Guiltless Sweets”.

The “Guiltless Sweets” have no-sugar and no-chemicals, only made of natural sweetness from the vegetables or fruits.

These sweets are so presentable.

This year in 2020, TAKIYA will launch the soy cookies for retail package! You may bring it back home!

Once you have any chance to visit Hokkaido, let’s visit TOKACHI Blue!

TOKACHI Blue will give you a great experience how important to eat well.

The fact “we are what we eat” is true!



Address: Obihiro city, West-3, South-11, Cinema Taiyo Building 1F

Booking by Tel: +81- (0)90-64493722

*Wednesday is Non operation day

LINK of Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tokachi_blue/?hl=en


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