Konishi Farm in Hokkaido

Hello there!

Good foods come from good fresh materials.

However nowadays there are not lots of opportunities to raise the foods by ourselves especially when we are living in the big cities.

We must be missing our own garden in house, to grow and eat our own vegetables, are we?

Then I have a suggestion here. “Let’s be friend with the farmer!”

KONISHI FARM is one of the leading professional farms in Hokkaido, within only an hour driving distance from Sapporo, in Iwamizawa city.

Mrs. Yasuko KONISHI, being the director of KONISHI FARM, friendly introduced her open-farm activities.

From July to October KONISHI FARM can accept the visitors, let you join walking and harvest on the fields.

The group of primary schools or overseas tourists often book the tour with Mrs. Konishi.

Walking on the field surrounded by nature can make us release from the pressure of living in the city in good ways, and harvesting grown vegetables are super fun!

KONISHI FARM is actually a traditional farming company over 100 years, now current Konishi family is the 4th generation as this farming corporation!

With 50 ha (hectare) of total farming space, 19.5 ha is used for popular Hokkaido rice brands (Nanatsuboshi or Yumepirika), 15 ha for the rare premium Hokkaido wheat flour (Kitanokaori), and 15 ha for Hokkaido special beans.

Remaining 0.5 ha is used for raising the local limited vegetables that are from the specific seeds.

To Mrs. Konishi, communication with local people and users are very important.

On local “Marche(Market)”, Mrs. Konishi promotes the vegetables and in-house made groceries from the farm, communicating with many buyers and visitors in person.

To cater to remote funs’ demands and passions, Mrs. Konishi is building the online shop in future.

“FURUSATO FUREAI shop” Mrs. Konishi’s retail shop can dispatch such fresh qualified vegetables to every customer in Japan.

To the high-end restaurant owners and chefs, KONISHI FARM’s vegetables are recommended.

Because these traditional vegetables are especially grown of the rare seeds.

Danshaku-Potato, Sapporo-Yellow Onion, Hokkaido Beans, Masakari Pumpkin, Taikyu-Cabbage, and Lily root. These are Hokkaido limited premiums.

And “Daichino-Hoshi” rice is produced at KONISHI FARM, that some restaurant owners order with a small lot, just for making Risotto.


Further queries of workshop and contact, feel free to ask to Good Eating.




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