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GOOD EATING’s first interviewee is “UME” Boys’ leader Mr Shoshiro YAMAMOTO (hereinafter YAMAMOTO), from Wakayama pref. Japan.

Have you heard about “UME”? What is “UME”? and Who are “UME” Boys?!

“UME”, normally known as Ume-boshi (=salt-soaked processed “UME”) is popular traditional Japanese food that goes with rice since 2,000 years ago.

It looks like that:

“UME” tree is Japanese Plum tree. Some say “UME” flowers are similar looking as SAKURA flowers if viewed far away, that are actually very beautiful.

Originally YAMAMOTO is from the owner’s family of one of those Japanese Plum farms, therefore his “UME” has trust-able trace-ability of “where did this plum come  from?” if you query.

“UME” (Japanese Plum) tastes so sour, giving naturally fantastic flavor with edge of elegant acidity!

YAMAMOTO has been introducing the authentic and high-quality “UME” products all over Japan.

Previously high-end F&B restaurants in Sapporo and Tokyo had launched “UME” roasted Chicken, “UME” seasoned eel, and even “UME” flavored Chocolates!

According to the executive chefs, “UME” is more like special seasoning which goes well with western recipe or confectionery, rather than just “go with rice” as Japanese daily eating habit.

All “UME” items of YAMAMOTO are natural, collaborating with selected salt suppliers only.

There are no contained additives used for long shelf life at all.

“Through production and sales of our “UME”, I  want to spread out the good Japanese food culture to please more people in the world” says YAMAMOTO.

If you are interested, please have a look at YAMAMOTO’s activity and workshop on the web.

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